Suspected Dogfighting Victims in Our Care

October 5, 2021


This summer, the ASPCA assisted with the removal of 81 dogs out of a total 89 who were rescued from an alleged dogfighting ring operating across Long Island, in New York City and in several other states. The majority of those dogs were brought to an emergency ASPCA shelter—and more than two months later, we are still dedicated to their recovery and providing them with daily care. Often, cases that involve alleged dogfighting can go on for many months, and during that time the dogs are considered “evidence.” 
Since being in our care, we have treated some of the dogs for various medical conditions like caring of wounds, severe dental disease, eye diseases, heartworm disease, cancerous masses, Babesia infection, ear and skin infections, internal and external parasites, and musculoskeletal conditions that cause limping or lameness.
In addition to medical treatment, our team is also providing behavioral care including enrichment and socialization. All the dogs receive a soft bed and plenty of toys to keep them happy while in their kennels. Playgroups are organized for the dogs who enjoy other dogs. Some of them need a little guidance to learn how to properly socialize, so carefully selected helper dogs are there to assist. But not all dogs are up for playgroups, so those who prefer the company of people receive walks.  
Some dogs are fearful and receive special attention from the behavior team in the form of behavior modification sessions to help them overcome their fears. Others are highly active and have never learned to interact appropriately with people, so the behavior team works with these dogs to teach them to control their impulsive behavior. 
These dogs are on their way to recovery, but they may still have a long road ahead. Your support can help us continue to provide ongoing care to animal victims who need us. Please give today to help more animals get their second chances