Subaru and the ASPCA’s “Rescue Ride” Program Impacts Over 6,500 Lives

October 10, 2016

In January, we announced the launch of the third year  of the ASPCA  “Rescue Ride” grant program which is funded by donations made to the ASPCA by Subaru of America, Inc. . This program provides necessary funding to help transport thousands of homeless dogs from overcrowded shelters to shelters in areas where they have a better chance of being adopted, and today we are thrilled to report the incredible results.

Between January 1 and June 30, 2016, the “Rescue Ride” program granted $189,000 to cover transportation costs for 49 shelters across 32 states—which helped impact the lives of over 6,500 animals!

The ASPCA is immensely thankful to Subaru for another year of progress for shelter animals. In cities like Camden, New Jersey, the “Rescue Ride” grant funding not only helped save the lives of hundreds of animals, but also helped create beneficial relationships. “We were able to save over 250 animals by transporting animals in and out of our shelter,” says Sara Sharp of the Animal Welfare Society of Camden. “We were also able to start a great relationship with a shelter in Massachusetts, where we were able to send over 100 cats within the past month. Without this grant we would not have been able to make that happen.”

Subaru share the love

In Tahlequah, Oklahoma, the Humane Society of Cherokee County (HSCC) used the “Rescue Ride” program grant to transport dogs to organizations in and around Chicago, where they stand a much greater chance of adoption. Bill Clark of HSCC says, “We transported 181 rescued dogs to these organizations, and the ASPCA grant covered all expenses. All dogs had their shots and were totally clean before they left our shelter for their long trip. Thank you, ASPCA, and Subaru for your generous support for our most important dog transport program.”

After another year of service dedicated to helping animals in need, a massive thank you goes to Subaru of America, Inc. Their continued support of the ASPCA, and the countless animals they have helped through this program, is truly remarkable.