Straight from the Horse’s Mouth—Equine Adoption!

June 5, 2020

Woman with horseCaptain is available for adoption in Fort Worth, TX!

If you’ve ever considered bringing a horse into your family, the time has never been better to explore the exciting world of equine adoption. From June 5 to June 7, the ASPCA is leading a big adopt-from-home event across the country: National Adoption Weekend.

ASPCA National Adoption Weekend is a major collaboration with shelters and rescues across the country to encourage the public—including people currently caring for foster animals—to safely complete animal adoptions from their homes. This is the very first such event to include horses in the mix, and we’re so excited to see how many equine rescues have stepped up to be a part of it.

The decision to obtain a horse is an exciting one—and adopting a horse comes with many great benefits! Horse adoption organizations strive to match the right horse and person and will work to ensure that your new horse is a good fit. What’s more, many adoption groups provide a lifetime safety net for their horses and will answer questions and provide support you may need post-adoption.

Adoption is a sustainable way to support horses in transition. When you adopt an equine companion, you save more lives. Adopting a horse frees up a stall to help another at-risk horse, and your adoption fee will be put toward helping more animals. Not to mention the adoption fee will typically be much lower than the price you would generally pay for a horse!

If you’re new to caring for a horse, here are a few things to think about in advance of welcoming one into your life:

  • Your horse will need proper shelter, fencing and access to clean water and appropriate forage. If you don’t have a place to keep your horse at home, there are thousands of professional boarding barns around the country that specialize in caring for your horse.
  • Your horse will also need proper veterinary care, which includes an annual wellness exam, vaccinations and routine care. So make sure you’re able to find an equine veterinarian near you. An equine farrier will also be needed to trim your horse’s hooves every 6-8 weeks.
  • The adoption organization will likely match you with good natured or older horse to help teach you the ropes of equine care and companionship. (Plus, whether you are new to horses or an experienced rider, it’s always a good idea to have a professional riding instructor or trainer to help you improve your skills.) If you encounter a roadblock or training issue, you will be able to receive the support you need to progress with your horse.

There is nothing quite like the life-changing joy that comes from loving a horse.

You can get started on your adoption journey by visiting and connecting with hundreds of adoptable horses nationwide. And we certainly hope you can find your next equine companion during National Adoption Weekend!