Steele City Dude and Bourbon Will Trot Right into Your Heart!

December 7, 2023


The end of the year is almost here, and it’s a great time to consider giving a horse in need a loving home. If you’ve been thinking about finding a new horse for your family, these two horses (available in Kentucky and West Virginia)might just be the perfect addition to your stable!

Steele City Dude


Meet Steele City Dude! This special horse is available for adoption in Kentucky and would make for a wonderful companion horse. He’s a handsome guy who is fun and quite curious. He loves being groomed and even enjoys listening to you talk about your day! He does move with a limp due to a fracture, but it’s not painful for him. If you’d like to learn more about this sweet boy, visit his profile!



You’ll be amazed with Bourbon and her trail riding skills! This gorgeous girl is looking for an adopter who can show her the leadership and direction she needs. Bourbon is available for adoption in West Virginia, and would be best for strong intermediate or advanced riders. Confident riders are sure to fall in love with her immediately. Are you ready for a fun, bold horse?  Visit Bourbon’s profile to learn more about adopting her!

If you don’t live in the Kentucky or West Virginia areas, but are still interested in adopting a new horse, you can always find available horses on My Right Horse. Your new BFF might be waiting for you there!