A Special Bangle from ALEX AND ANI Helps Brighten the Lives of At-Risk Animals

February 14, 2018

a puppy with two stuffed bears

This week, the ASPCA is happy to announce a major milestone we recently reached with lifestyle brand, ALEX AND ANI. The brand partnered with the ASPCA in 2014, and over the course of our three-year partnership, has officially raised $2 million dollars for animals in need! 

At the partnership’s inception, ALEX AND ANI created the Prints of Love Charm Bangle for the ASPCA to include in its CHARITY BY DESIGN collection. The collection was originally created in 2011 to help spread the ALEX AND ANI ideal of sharing positive energy worldwide, and we are happy to have been included with these unique bangles. For each bangle sold, 20 percent of the purchase price was donated to the organization. 

“We’re grateful to ALEX AND ANI for their deeply committed partnership to raise funds for the ASPCA’s life-saving programs and to spread awareness about animals in need across the country,” said Julia Klein, Senior Manager of Strategic Cause Partnerships at the ASPCA. “We love to work with organizations like ALEX AND ANI, who are so passionate about our cause.”

Believing that love for the Earth and all its inhabitants can make the world a better place, ALEX AND ANI places emphasis on partnering with charities like us, who make it their mission to bring a voice to the voiceless. The collaboration between the ASPCA and ALEX AND ANI continues to earn the support of customers and supporters who believe in the meaning and mission behind this partnership.  

“The donation of $2 million through the Paw Prints Charm is monumental, and we’re proud to know our funds raised are going directly to support the ASPCA’s work to rescue, care and find homes for at-risk animals, which is the true accomplishment of our partnership with the ASPCA,” said Colleen Fugere, Vice President of Brand Licensing and Partnerships at ALEX AND ANI. “As we approach the season of love, we hope our customers and supporters continue to recognize their purchases are changing the lives of animals everywhere, bringing them the compassion and respect they deserve.” 

In light of this exciting milestone, we are thankful to ALEX AND ANI, and to all of our supporters who continuously help to make life-saving campaigns like this a success.