SOUTH CAROLINA: This Handsome Feller Is Ready for the Rodeo! Meet Salami the Canine Cowboy!

July 2, 2024


Have you been looking for a new best friend near Greenville, South Carolina? Salami might just be your new BFF!

Salami is available for adoption with our friends at the Greenville Humane Society! He came to them from the ASPCA Cruelty Recovery Center in Columbus, Ohio, and he’s eager to find the loving home of his dreams. He much prefers to relax in a quiet home rather than staying in a busy shelter, so hopefully you’ll meet him soon!

It doesn’t take long to learn what Salami’s favorite things in life are! He loves playing with his toys, tasty treats, sunbathing and going for a walk or run. But there’s one thing better than all of that – getting lots of love and affection from his human friends! Salami shows off his excitable, energetic side when he’s with people, but he also has a chill side when he’s on his own or when it’s time to cuddle. He’s also thrilled to go on adventures, so he’ll be happy to take a car ride with you and go on hiking excursions!


Salami would do best in a home without cats, and he also wouldn’t mind being the only dog. He won’t say no to being the center of attention! If you do have a potential dog friend at home, they can meet Salami at the shelter to see how they get along and if they have similar playstyles. All he really asks for is a place where he can be his goofy self and share his love with his new family!

If this silly boy sounds like the paw-fect match for you, check out Salami’s profile to learn more about him and apply for adoption!