Shopping the Latest Tech Trend Can Help Animals in Need

September 19, 2018

ASPCA pop socket

You’ve seen them everywhere--those little tabs stuck to the backs of people’s phones, making them easier to hold, so you’re less likely to drop your phone. The official name of these little gadgets are “Popsockets.” 

And now, this tech accessory can also show your love of animals! We’ve launched our own ASPCA popsockets sold exclusively through Amazon®! Your purchase of an ASPCA popsocket helps make a difference for animals in need and lets everyone know that you speak for those who can’t. 

What is a popsocket?

A popsocket is an accessory that sticks to the back of your phone or tablet with an adhesive. It expands and collapses so that it can function as both a stand and a grip, making it easier to take selfies, text with one hand, show your friends a new video or whatever you may be using your phone for. Popsockets are a handy tool for all walks of life! 

How do I get an ASPCA popsocket?

Head to the exclusive ASPCA store on Amazon® where you’ll find all of our adorable, fun popsocket designs, along with plenty of other ASPCA merchandise. 

Here are a few of the designs you’ll see:

ASPCA pop socket

So what are you waiting for? Help animals by snagging your favorite popsocket design today and give your phone that extra “pop!”