October 31, 2018

Shop With Your Heart - Thanksgiving Shopping List


One thing we can all be grateful for this year is progress for farm animals. As consumers demand more humane alternatives to factory farming, companies and supermarkets are responding by stocking their shelves with plant-based and welfare-certified options.

We’ve crafted a holiday shopping list of the most festive products from our Shop With Your Heart Brand List that have either earned a meaningful animal welfare certification recognized by the ASPCA or are a plant-based alternative. Many of them are available to order online, right to your door! Whether you're looking to spruce up your recipe classics or try something new, there’s something here to delight everyone at the table. Make kindness a part of your family tradition. Happy Thanksgiving!

Look for the labels! These are the 3 certifications recognized by the ASPCA Shop With Your Heart program:

Animal Welfare Approved

Global Animal Partnership (GAP)

Certified Humane

Animal Welfare Approved (AWA) Global Animal Partnership (GAP) Step 2 and Up Certified Humane (CH)

(or a plant-based alternative, denoted by this icon !) When a product shows the basic GAP label without a number, look for separate language on the package identifying the product’s step level. Many are available at supermarkets in store across the country, while others are available for purchase online online.


  • Amy’s Kitchen – Veggie Loafs  in store online
  • Atlas Monroe – organic vegan deep fried & stuffed turkey  online
  • Ayrshire Farm certified humane in store online
  • Field Roast - Loafs & Roasts  in store online
  • Firefly Farms certified humane online
  • Gardein - Loafs & Roasts  in store online
  • Koch’s Turkey certified humane in store
  • Mary’s Free Range Turkey GAP step 3  GAP step 5+ in store
  • Tofurky - Roasts in store online
  • White Oak Pastures certified humane GAP step 5+ in store online

Broths, Gravies and Soups

  • Beyond Broth  in store online
  • White Oak Pastures - Beef Broth, Poultry Broth Awa logo certified humane GAP step 5+ in store online
  • Llano Seco – Pork Bone Broth GAP step 2 in store online
  • Tofurky - Gravy in store online

Have you ever tried substituting mushroom gravy or vegetable broth in your holiday classics? They add a rich flavor and cater to everyone at your table!

Sausage (for stuffing)

  • Amy’s Kitchen - Veggie Sausages   in store online
  • Ayrshire Farm  certified humane in store online
  • Boca - Veggie Crumbles   in store online
  • Circle B Ranch  Awa logo certified humane online
  • Fra' Mani certified humane in store
  • Home Place Pastures – multiple pork products certified humane online
  • Llano Seco GAP step 2 in store online
  • Morningstar Farms - Links & Patties  in store online
  • Newman Farms certified humane online
  • Niman Ranch certified humane in store
  • North Country Smokehouse certified humane in store online
  • The Naked Pig Meat Co. Awa logo certified humane online
  • Tofurky - Veggie Sausages  in store online
  • White Oak Pastures GAP step 5+ in store online
  • Yves - Veggie Patties, Crumbles, Ground Round & Stuffers  in store online

Milk & Alternatives

  • Almond Breeze  in store online
  • Organic Pastures - Cream certified humane in store online
  • Pure Eire Dairy Awa logo in store online
  • Silk   in store online
  • So Delicious – Almond, Cashew & Coconut Milk, Creamers   in store online
  • Summer Hill Goat Dairy certified humane in store
  • Working Cows Dairy – Milk, Whipping Cream Awa logo in store

Butter & Spreads

  • Daiya Cream Cheeze  in store online
  • Earth Balance – Spread, Sticks  in store online
  • Green Valley Organics certified humane in store online
  • Miyoko’s Creamery – Butter, Cream Cheese, Cheese Spread   in store online
  • Organic Pastures – Raw Butter certified humane online
  • Truly Grass-Fed – butter Animal Welfare Approved In store


  • Atlas Monroe – Legendary Sweet Potato Cake  online
  • Ben & Jerry’s – Dairy-Free Line  in store online
  • Breyers – Non-Dairy Frozen Desserts  in store online
  • Daiya – Cheezecake, Dessert Bars  in store online
  • Eat MUD – dairy-free ice cream sweetened with dates  in store online
  • Enlightened – dairy-free pints and bars Plant-based In store
  • Frankie & Jo’s Vegan Ice Cream  online
  • Häagen-Dazs – Dairy-Free Line  in store online
  • So Delicious – Mousse, Frozen Dessert Topping  in store online
  • Van Leeuwen - Vegan Ice Cream  online

For a full list of certified meat, egg and dairy brands as well as plant-based alternatives that you can find in stores and online, please visit aspca.org/foodbrands.

If you are having trouble finding welfare-certified or plant-based alternatives, let your local grocery store know you want them to stock more humane products!

Please contact us at [email protected] if we have missed a company or product that should be on this list.