Senior, FIV+ Cat Overcomes the Odds: Patty’s Happy Tail

September 14, 2016

Happy Tails: Patty

“Watching Patty come out of his shell has been one of the greatest joys of my life, and I’m thankful every day that we found each other.” – Genevieve N. of New York, NY

It wasn’t until the age of nine that Patty found the perfect home. Perhaps it has something to do with his “nine lives,” or maybe it was just the timing. Whatever the case, there’s one thing for certain: this gentle, reserved cat has finally found the home of his dreams.

Patty was brought into the ASPCA as a stray in 2010. Found roaming the streets of Manhattan, New York City, Patty was ill and in need of medical assistance. Shortly after he was brought in it was discovered that Patty tested positive for Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV), which weakens a cat’s immune system and makes them susceptible to other infections. Although FIV can be dangerous and harmful to the cat’s health if not properly treated, it is completely manageable when the cat is given proper care. Luckily for Patty, the team at the ASPCA Animal Hospital began treating him right away, ensuring him a more comfortable and bright future than he had before.

Patty sitting down and looking up at the camera

After his stay at the Hospital, we were thrilled to see Patty find a home. We thought that was the end of his journey with us, until, sadly, the adopter was forced to return him four years later due to personal circumstances. At that point, Patty was nearly nine-years-old and back at square one. But little did anyone know, his perfect pet parent wasn’t far away—in fact, Genevieve N. was volunteering at the ASPCA at that very moment and looking for the perfect feline friend.

 “Growing up, I always had dogs (and fish, and a couple of snails at one point), and never really considered myself a cat person,” says Genevieve when asked about her decision to adopt a cat. “The more I interacted with cats though, the more I fell in love with them and all the traits that make them so uniquely feline.”

Patty looking out a window

After volunteering at a cat shelter and a farm sanctuary during her college years, Genevieve knew that she wanted to bring a cat into her life as soon as she could. “The moment I moved out, my checklist looked like this: get Wi-Fi, buy a couch, adopt a cat.” And so the search for Patty began.

As she began looking for the perfect furry friend, Genevieve knew she wanted an older cat. She also had a very clear idea of the type of cat she wanted­—personality, looks and all—so it was as if fate had brought them together when she saw Patty. “I had looked at a few cats here and there, but when I saw Patty’s picture, I knew he was the one,” Genevieve says. “When I went to meet him, I knew instantly that we were a match.”

Patty yawning

It was love at first sight, and a true happy ending for Patty, who has adjusted wonderfully to his new home. The so-called “king of the castle” loves eating, greeting Genevieve at the door and sleeping on any type of paper he can find, whether it be a book or newspaper. He also loves watching cat videos on YouTube and will even paw at the screen!

Patty’s transformation from a quiet, sick stray into a loving and playful companion is truly a “Happy Tail” for this four-legged friend. This kind kitty had a lot going against him, but has everything his heart desires now. “It always saddens me to think about how—because he’s older, FIV positive and can be shy—so many people overlooked him,” Genevieve says of her choice to adopt Patty. “I wish more people took the time to explore adoption options outside of kittens, and that more people knew that cats with FIV can lead happy, healthy long lives.” 

Patty reaching for avocado toast