Save Some Room for Dessert – Puddin Is Here to Sweeten Your Day!

June 10, 2024


Some might say she’s as sweet as pie, but we think our girl Puddin is even sweeter!

Puddin is a favorite among the staff and volunteers at the Adoption Center in New York City. Everyone agrees that they’ve never met a more loveable dog! She bonds with new people very quickly, and she always greets her friends with lots of wags and wiggles. Puddin is a big fan of showing affection to her people, such as trying her best to squeeze into your lap. She’s a little too big to be a true lapdog – we just don’t have the heart to tell her!


Puddin’s favorite activities include playing with squeaky toys, getting brushed and being the center of attention as often as possible. During her walks, she has a lot of pep in her step, and she even prances along the way! She’s just a fountain of positivity and joy!

In her ideal home, Puddin would be the only dog – that way, she can be the focus of all your love! Children might be new to her, so an Admissions and Placement Specialist will be happy to help you explore if she’s the right fit for your family. They can also share tips with you to help set her up for success in your home!

There’s nothing vanilla about our fantastic Puddin pup! If you’re ready to meet your new BFF, head over to her profile to submit an application!