Resilient Pup Muenster Recovers at ASPCA Rehabilitation Center

March 10, 2016

Muenster was one of more than 130 dogs the ASPCA helped rescue from an Alabama puppy mill in 2015. The dogs were found living in deplorable conditions and ramshackle kennels, and many were malnourished and suffering from serious, untreated medical issues.

Like many dogs born in puppy mills, Muenster was extremely undersocialized and unable to be put up for adoption. We knew that beneath his trauma and suffering, he had all the potential to be a perfect pet, so we transported Muenster to the ASPCA Behavioral Rehabilitation Center in Madison, New Jersey—the first and only facility dedicated to the behavioral rehabilitation of canine victims of cruelty.

When Muenster arrived at the Rehab Center, he was fearful of handling and would try to get away or become immobile when touched. It took several weeks for Muenster to allow ASPCA staff to put a leash on him, and several more weeks for him to be comfortable going on a leash walk.

Over the next few months, the ASPCA Rehabilitation team worked with Muenster day in and day out, helping him overcome his fears. In time—with the help of his favorite cheese treats—Muenster became more friendly and playful. Muenster is now thriving in a loving home, where he loves playing with squeaky toys and romping around with other dogs his size.

To see Muenster’s incredible transformation for yourself, watch the video below:

We are so happy that Muenster’s story had a happy ending. To find out more about our rehabilitation work, please visit our Animal Placement section.