Rescue Animals Could Use Your Love Now More Than Ever

March 18, 2020

a woman holding a cat

As we cope with the ongoing pandemic day by day, we can’t forget about shelter animals who are patiently waiting to find loving homes. We can't stress enough that there's no current evidence suggesting that coronavirus can be transmitted to or from companion animals. And despite a heavy feeling of uncertainty looming in New York City, the ASPCA Adoption Center saw an incredible amount of adoptions last weekend and has also seen an overwhelming amount of support from our foster caregivers—making us feel hopeful that compassion and loving people like you will always prevail.

Many people are currently facing prolonged periods of time indoors and at home, and while it may feel like we are alone during this crisis, companionship comes in so many forms. We hope that more people across the country who are able will be inspired to take in a furry friend during this time. Whether you’re interested in just fostering for a while and giving a deserving animal a break from a shelter, or committing to a new BFF, we promise that nothing could be more rewarding during this time than the love, cuddles and wet kisses of a new pet. 

While our Adoption Center in New York City has closed to the public for the time being, we encourage you to contact your local animal shelter or rescue and see how you can help today. Also, don’t forget to use your social media channels to share local shelter needs (for supplies or foster homes), or local adoptable animals’ profiles with your friends and family to inspire others to help. Spreading the word is one of the easiest and most effective things you could do right now—and it only takes a few minutes of your time!

During this time, let’s continue to be kind, compassionate and there for one another—including our animal counterparts. Together, we can continue to create more new beginnings.