Recovery Begins for 29 Surrendered Dogs

February 13, 2020

a rescued dog

Following the surrender of 29 dogs from a property in Arkansas, we’ve been working round-the-clock at our emergency shelter to assess their medical and behavioral needs so they can begin to recover. As they’ve had time to settle in, we’ve seen that many of the dogs are extremely fearful and will need intensive behavioral treatment from our team.

See below for photos following their removal as we help them take their next steps toward recovery.

Dogs in a dirty kennel

Dogs were found huddled together next to a small, dilapidated structure that seemed to be their only shelter, while other dogs roamed the property.

a scared rescued dog

a rescued puppy

rescued dog in a carrier

As they were removed from the property, some dogs were completely shut down in fear.

rescued puppy at the emergency shelter

Immediately after their removal, we transported the dogs to our emergency shelter.

scared dog at the emergency shelter

Some of the dogs were too fearful to leave their crates after arriving safely. 

a scared rescued dog

a happy rescued dog

While others slowly began to come out of their shells.

a rescued dog at the emergency shelter

Responder with a rescued dog

Some even started to open up to our responders and shelter staff.

rescued dog

While these dogs have a long road ahead of them, we are thankful to be able to help them get the second chances they deserve. Thanks to people like you, we can continue to provide care, comfort and rehabilitation to those who need us most. 

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