Progress in the Fight to Protect America’s Horses from Slaughter

June 14, 2023

two brown horses, left with a white stripe on nose, in a green pasture

Big news out of New York last week: In a historic move, the New York State Legislature passed a bill banning the slaughter and transport of horses for human consumption. This bill passed by a large margin thanks to ASPCA advocates and other members of the animal welfare and equine communities who rallied behind it. 

Thousands of American horses are trucked to Canada every year to be slaughtered for meat, and because of New York’s proximity to Canada, the state’s equines are especially at risk. This bill will provide critical protections for New Yorkers’ trusted animal companions and work partners. 

If you live in New York, you can still help this bill cross the finish line! Please use our online form to send a message to Governor Hochul, urging her to sign this bill into law. 

Most states do not have similar laws in place, and no federal ban exists to protect horses from this horrific fate. As a result, tens of thousands of American horses remain at serious risk of being purchased by predatory “kill buyers”—individuals who routinely sell/export equines to slaughter for profit. This is why we’re calling on Congress to pass the SAFE Act, a nationwide ban on the transport and slaughter of horses for human consumption. This federal bill would add equines to an existing, uncontroversial law that bans the slaughter of cats and dogs for meat. 

Right now, Congress can include the SAFE Act in the 2023 Farm Bill—a massive piece of legislation that funds our country’s agriculture sector and dictates how our food and farm systems operate. The Farm Bill offers the unique opportunity to pass stronger animal-protection laws like the SAFE Act: in fact, in 2018 Congress used the Farm Bill to enact the similar law that protects cats and dogs from slaughter. It’s time to help horses, too. No matter where you live, you can take action today: Email your U.S. representative and ask them to take immediate action on the SAFE Act. 

Want to do more?

The ASPCA Regional Advocacy Field Team (RAFT) is searching for advocates like you to help pass local and federal legislation that protects animals. Join this special team of ASPCA volunteers to use your passion for animals—including horses—and make an impact right from your hometown. Apply today!

We are stronger together. Make sure you are following the ASPCA on social media for the latest news and more actions you can take to improve laws for animals. This is an easy way to invite your friends to get involved, too!

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