Playful Puma Is Ready to Be Pampered!

January 11, 2024


This house-panther is one of the sleekest, sweetest kitties you will ever meet! Puma will be your adoring little shadow, following you from room to room with her big eyes and loving purr!

In the morning, Puma loves to walk around the house with you as you get ready for work. During the day, she enjoys catching up on her naps and grooming. In the evening, she’s ready for a good play session. Puma loves to chase balls and other cat toys around the house—anything that gets her moving is a fun time! Also, save your cardboard boxes for her--she gets a kick out of those! After she has worked out all her energy and it's time for bed, she will snooze quietly by your side. That’s when her purr motor really revs up!

Puma’s foster family has cared for her since she was a bottle-fed kitten and has enjoyed watching her grow up into a sweet, loving companion! They know her as a very social kitty who loves to play with everyone. She gets along well with her foster family’s older cats, who she plays, eats and hangs out with. Though she is younger and has more energy than the other cats, Puma knows when to mellow out and give them space. She has also done well around cat-friendly dogs.


Adopters should know that during Puma’s time in foster care, she experienced seizure-like activity and has been placed on an anti-seizure medication. Some basic blood tests have shown no significant problems, and this medication seems to be reducing the seizure activity, but it is not expected to cure it. Puma will likely need to remain on this medication until a veterinarian deems it appropriate to stop. Our Adoption Team would be happy to provide more information on her medical condition and future care.

Puma’s ideal home would be one with another cat to keep her company and a family who can dote on her daily. She is even very calm and loving around small children. If Puma sounds like a wonderful fit for your family, visit her profile to submit an application!