Oppose “Right to Harm” Legislation!

February 11, 2019

pigs in mud

Factory farming causes animal suffering, pollutes the environment, and hurts the health and wellbeing of nearby residents. Rural communities are increasingly fighting back, but rather than reforming harmful practices, corporate agribusiness is responding by pushing so-called “Right to Farm” bills nationwide. 

Right to Farm bills—often referred to as “Right to Harm” bills—prevent communities from taking legal action against farms whose practices are impacting their quality of life, while also limiting states’ ability to regulate farming practices. 

It’s troubling to see legislators choose to establish state-level protections for an industry to the detriment of their own citizens. Yet three Right to Farm bills have been introduced in the past few weeks—and more may be on the way. 

Why now? Right to Farm bills are popping up more frequently in response to the failure of unpopular ag-gag laws. These laws—ruled unconstitutional in four states to date—are designed to silence whistleblowers by penalizing investigators who use video or photographs to expose animal cruelty on industrial farms. Right to Farm laws are Big Ag’s latest attempt to insulate factory farms from scrutiny. 

If you live in NebraskaUtah or West Virginia, be aware that Right to Farm bills are being considered right now and they could be voted on at any time. If these bills pass, communities near you will be powerless to prevent harm and pollution by factory farms. You can help defeat these bills by calling your state legislators and telling them that you oppose Right to Farm legislation. 

If you live in another state, join our Advocacy Brigade to ensure you’re notified about bad bills in your legislature. Right to Farm bills will continue to be introduced, and we need your help to stop them.