Oh, Baby! Serenity Kids Launches First Welfare-Certified Baby Food

December 19, 2019

Baby with chicks

Every parent wants the best for their children and hopes to raise them in a world that is kind and fair. The more we learn about our food system, the more we learn how our personal food decisions impact our health and the health of the planet—it is no different for baby food. Parents now have a great new option thanks to an innovative baby food company out of Austin, Texas, called Serenity Kids

Serenity Kids began working with us in August 2018 and is taking a serious approach to ethical sourcing. This year, Serenity Kids launched the first animal welfare-certified baby food: a pasture-raised turkey baby food with organic sweet potato, pumpkin and beet. The turkeys are Global Animal Partnership (G.A.P.) Level 4 certified, meaning that they have access to pasture with changing vegetation, fresh air and sunlight. By having the G.A.P. certification seal featured on its packaging, Serenity Kids demonstrates not only its commitment to turkeys, but also its commitment to transparency and to building a better food system for all to inherit. 

Serenity Kids has not stopped there. Through collaboration with the ASPCA, Serenity Kids has committed to label its beef and pork products by supporting farms that earn an independent animal welfare certification recognized by the ASPCA Shop With Your Heart program, as well as to joining the global animal welfare movement to improve the lives of broiler (meat) chickens

Serenity Kids is transforming the baby food industry into one that’s protein and healthy-fats-based while still catering to consumers who care about animal welfare. A 2018 poll [PDF] revealed that 76% of American consumers are concerned about the welfare of animals raised for food, and 86% of consumers believe there should be an objective third party checking on the welfare of farm animals. Through Serenity Kids’ use of G.A.P. certification for turkey and its forward-thinking policies for pork, beef and chicken, the brand leads the baby food sector in animal welfare and accountability and is changing the lives of farm animals as a result. 

“Obtaining the recognition of a meaningful welfare certification allows companies to meet growing consumer demand for a more humane, accountable food system,” says Julia Johnson, Manager, ASPCA Farm Animal Welfare Department. “With more parents thinking about where their food comes from and struggling to decipher confusing food labels, we are proud that Serenity Kids made it one step easier by showcasing transparent animal-welfare policies and practices.”

You can find Serenity Kids G.A.P. Level 4 turkey baby food listed on the ASPCA’s Shop With Your Heart Brand List under the new Baby Food category, along with Serenity Kids’ plant-based baby foods (Organic butternut squash and spinach; Organic roots; Organic squashes; and Organic sweet potato and spinach).