Need a Date for Your Holiday Party? Meet L.A.’s Most Eligible Catchelors!

December 8, 2022

If you’re on your own this holiday season and looking for some company that will bring cheer and joy, look no further—we have just the solution! Adopt one of these ADORABLE kitties so you can experience the holidays together, and they can finally have a place to call their own! Check out L.A.’s most eligible catchelors—and catchelorettes—below and find yourself the purrfect holidate and new BFF! And if you’re not ready to adopt, consider sharing this post with your family and friends to help these cats find loving homes. 


Want a girl who will speak her mind? Meet Clementine! Clementine is sweet, kind and she knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to tell you! She can be shy at first but warms up in minutes of meeting someone. She’s friendly, social and loves a good head rub. 

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Boo Boo

Looking for a conversationalist? Boo Boo can chat with just about anyone! She’s a sweet, laid-back gal who’s always happy to receive attention and cuddles. She may be shy when she first meets new people but it doesn't take long for her to adjust and seek out affection. She even lets you carry her around and pet her belly—a rare treat that most cats won’t tolerate.

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If a sensitive boy is more your speed, then you have to meet Vinny! Vinny has a gentle personality and the sweetest spirit. He’s easily startled by unfamiliar noises and can be shy with new people, so he’s looking for a patient adopter who can give him the time and space to decompress and let him adjust on his own time. Once he knows he’s safe, he becomes a total lover boy and enjoys following you everywhere!

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If the kitty in the room soaking up all the attention sounds more your type, then Sylvie is your girl! Sylvie is always the sweetest, most playful kitten in the room. She loves to play so much that she even chases her treats around the room until she’s ready to eat them! Sylvie is very curious and excited to meet new people and is loving with humans and animals alike. 

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Want an independent, calm kitty to spend your days with? Meet Jyn! Jyn is an all-around wonderful kitten. She’s playful, beautiful and independent. She’s calm during the day and spends most of her time napping or keeping to herself—she even gets under the covers on the bed!—but at night she becomes more active and enjoys attention when you come home from work. She would love a home with another friendly cat to keep her company, or by herself with a family who can give her gentle love and attention. 

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