National Chicken Month Takeover!

September 2, 2014

We have a soft spot for chickens: they’re feathery and friendly, curious and even cuddly. And did you know they experience REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, associated with dreaming? But nearly 9 billion birds in this country are not living a dream. They’re suffering on overcrowded, unsanitary factory farms, bred to grow in such rapid, unnatural ways that they often collapse and spend much of their lives lying in their own waste.

At the ASPCA, we’re fighting to change this—but we need your help.

The chicken-meat industry calls September National Chicken Month, so it’s the perfect time to use your voice and take a stand for more humanely raised, healthier chickens:

1.      Check out our new video, “The Professor,” to learn what’s gone wrong in chicken farming and what can be done about it:

2.      Demand more humanely raised chicken right where you shop…without even leaving home! Fill out our online grocery store request letter, and we’ll make sure your supermarket gets the message.

3.      Spread the word. Let your friends and family know that September is National Chicken Month and there’s a lot they can do to help! Join us on Friday, September 12 at 3:00 P.M. (Eastern time) for a special Twitter chat using the hashtag #ChickenMonth. And be sure to spread the word on your social channels using the sample post below!

Chickens suffer on factory farms and they deserve better! Join @ASPCA and take action: #ChickenMonth

Thirty days and three powerful ways to help billions of animals. Cluck yeah!