To My Future Adopter, Love Maggio

December 7, 2022


Hello new pet parent,

My name is Maggio, and it is so nice to FINALLY meet you! You wouldn’t believe how long I’ve been dreaming of meeting a loving adopter, so I am so happy you found me! Since we’re going to be spending loads of time together, there’s a few things I want you to know about me. 

To start, the beginning of my life was pretty sad. I was found in poor conditions with more than 25 other dogs, most of us without access to food or clean water. Thankfully, the kind people here at the ASPCA not only rescued me but have been taking care of me ever since—they even taught me how to walk outside like a “real” dog! 

Not to brag, but they absolutely love me here! The staff call me the gentle giant because I’m really big but very gentle, just like Clifford the Big Red Dog. They also consider me a silly, snuggly boy! I love being pet and will lean right into you looking for love and attention. I know how to give paw and am not shy about it—I’ll give paw all day every day if it means I’m getting a treat. 

Though I’m a chill guy, I am very playful, too, and enjoy playing with canine friends and chasing after pigeons. Since I’m so big, it’s best if you keep an eye on me during playdates. When I’m not playing, there’s nothing I love more than getting belly rubs while laying on my back. 

I’m so glad you believe in me and are willing to give me the consistency I need to be fully housetrained and adjust a little more to living in a home. And as a pro tip, bring some of my favorite treats on walks. I know that I can get a little excited when I see something interesting, but if you just offer me a treat, you can get me to focus on the walk again.

I am SO grateful that you’re making my dreams come true. You can make it official by checking out my profile and clicking the “Adopt Me” button to complete an application. 

I can hardly wait to meet you! See you soon!