More than 60 Adopters Find Some-Bunny to Love

February 17, 2016

Since December 2015, 65 lucky bunnies found new homes during three recent Ani-Care Animal Hospital Rabbit Adoption events, held in partnership with the ASPCA and NYPD in Union Square, Central Park and the Gramercy neighborhood of New York City.  These rabbits were seized by the NYPD in January 2015 from Gowanus, Brooklyn, and were treated and readied for adoption by the ASPCA, Ani-Care of Dallastown, Pennsylvania, and other organizations. Here are a few of their “Hoppy” Tails.

Bronx resident Tiffany S. fondly remembers her high school science teacher, who routinely rescued animals and let them serve as class mascots.

Every day one student was allowed to take an animal—including a frog, a tortoise, two lab rats, a hamster and a duck—home for the night and care for it. One of these animals was a bunny named Peanut Butter, who Tiffany brought home, and inspired in her a lasting affection for rabbits.

On December 12, Tiffany visited one of our adoption venues in Union Square. Right away, she spotted Swizzle.

“He was the first one I saw, and it brought back memories of Peanut Butter,” she says. “He was all by himself; all the others were paired up.”

Tiffany adopted Swizzle and says he’s adjusted well to the routine of a busy household with two adults, four children and Chloe, the family’s Yorkie/Shih Tzu mix.

Tiffany wasn’t the only person to connect with a bunny buddy at one of these adoption events.

Robert and Marybeth B. of Lynbrook, Long Island, adopted three bonded rabbits—Mia, Mila and Mya.  Robert attests that the rabbits “live like kings” in a bunny “Taj Mahal” he built himself, and they’re fed fresh fruits and vegetables at least twice a day, as well as pellets, hay and leaves.

Kayla V. and her new pet, Robyn.

At our Gramercy event on February 6, 10-year-old Kayla V. of Brooklyn was more than ready to adopt, wearing a pink bunny shirt for the occasion. She and her mother, Erika G., chose a docile brown-and-white Dutch mix named Robyn.

Many would-be adopters visited the February 6 event after seeing it promoted on the bunny Cleo’s Instagram feed.

“They make great pets,” says Diana Yen, Cleo’s pet parent, who attended the latest event with Cleo, a fluffy white Angora with distinctive black markings. “They’re great listeners, and they’re very cuddly.”

Diana Yen and Cleo the bunny.

Jazavia R. of the Bronx and her younger brother, Tyler, chose Yvonne, a brown bunny, for her “friendly and interactive” personality. “I love animals,” Jazavia said, with tears in her eyes. “This is a proud moment.”

ASPCA Volunteer Robyn Shepherd hands Yvonne to her new family, Jazavia and Tyler.

Jericho, a spotted white Dutch, was adopted by Sony S. of Brooklyn, who visited the event with her two younger sisters. “This is the best day ever,” Sydney S. exclaimed, recalling how the sisters grew up with a bunny but hadn’t had a pet in several years. 

ASPCA Volunteer Tamara Bennett poses with Jericho and his new family.

Gail L., who grew up in Guyana before emigrating to New York in 1984, fondly remembers spending her childhood with animals like rabbits, pigs and chickens. She adopted Penny and Fidget, a bonded pair of sisters—one for her son Justin, 9, and the other for her daughter, Savannah, 13.  “The bunnies complement each other,” Gail says, explaining how Fidget—aptly named—is the more active and outgoing of the two.

All of these recent adoptive families are enthusiastic cheerleaders for bunny adoption.  

“They’re very loving and easy going, a terrific way to help impart responsibility and commitment,” said Robert.

Not everyone thinks about bunny rabbits when they first consider adopting an animal, but it’s very clear these satisfied owners couldn’t “hop” for more.