More than 1,200 Animals Assisted: ASPCA Disaster Response Continues

October 13, 2016

ASPCA responder carrying a puppy out of a house

Last week as Hurricane Matthew made its eastern approach, the ASPCA Field Investigations and Response Team quickly deployed as requests came in to help animals within the hurricane’s path. So far, the ASPCA has helped to assist more than 1,200 animals in the affected areas, but our efforts are still ongoing. "We saved cats from drainage ditches, dogs left in cars during the hurricane, horses standing in high water, and many animals left in homes,” said Tim Rickey, Vice President of ASPCA Field Investigations and Response.

Dog stranded in pick up truck

The effects of this storm have been catastrophic to some. After killing hundreds in Haiti, Cuba and the Bahamas, there have been 25 reported deaths in the U.S. as the storm made its way up the East Coast. The Disaster Response Team continues to not only work throughout Georgia and South Carolina, but is now in North Carolina, responding to urgent requests to help animals affected by the devastating floods. 

rescued dog in a crate

“Local officials estimate hundreds of animals may be affected in Lumberton at this point, and we will assist them with sheltering displaced animals in the community and animal rescue requests,” said Tim Rickey. “For many, pets are members of the family, and we will do everything we can and continue to go out into the field to search for lost pets and hopefully reunite them with their owners.”

ASPCA Responders carry a rescued dog in a crate

As forecasters predict that waters are still on the rise in some areas, the ASPCA anticipates the requests for assistance to increase. We will remain in the Southeast until assistance is no longer needed.

Please consider making an urgent gift to the ASPCA today, to help us continue to reach animals in need across the country. 

volunteer holding rescued puppy

rescued dog

Rescue workers in the water moving a rescued dog