Montreal Sees the Light, Rolls Back Breed-Discriminatory Legislation

December 21, 2017

a pittbull lounging around

Great news from our neighbors to the north: Yesterday Montreal, Canada’s second-largest city, suspended a controversial and inhumane 2016 bylaw that singled out pit bull-type dogs for regulation. The bylaw prohibited city residents from acquiring pit bull-type dogs and mandated that existing pet pits must be muzzled and carry additional permits. 

Following the recommendations of animal welfare experts in both Canada and the U.S., Montreal plans to produce new dangerous-dog regulations in 2018 that take a global approach to addressing dog bites and irresponsible owners and do not single out any specific breed or breeds.

The city’s unpopular breed-specific legislation (also called “BSL”) was rejected with the full support of its new mayor, Valérie Plante. Mayor Plante is also outspoken in her objection to Montreal’s horse-drawn carriages, called calèches, raising concerns for the welfare of the horses and promising to address that industry.

Way to go, Montreal!