Missing Both Hind Feet, Resilient Pup Margot Gets a Second Chance

October 19, 2016

Lori and Margot

In the summer of 2014, a sweet white dog named Margot arrived at an animal shelter in Brooklyn, New York. She had been transferred from Oklahoma without much history known, but she clearly had a story to tell: Margot was missing both of her hind feet.

No one knew what had happened to her, but they did know that she had been this way since she was a puppy. Fortunately, that’s when Lori Bierbrier, Medical Director of Mobile Clinics at the ASPCA, got involved. Noticing that Margot lacked adequate “footwear,” Lori had booties made for her and continued to visit her at the shelter. Soon after, Margot spent a foster weekend with Lori’s family when her primary volunteer walker was out of town.

Margot shows off her new legs

“Even though our home was already ‘pet full’ with two dogs and two cats, we decided there was room for one more,” Lori says. She adopted Margot in January 2015 and had her fitted for custom prosthetics. Now this special dog can go for walks in the neighborhood with ease.

“We get plenty of questions about her ‘fancy legs,’” Lori laughs. “We are happy to tell her story and let people see what an amazing dog she is.”

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