Melania and Pelusa Need Your Help Finding a Loving Home

June 6, 2019

Melania and Pelusa

Sometimes we encounter animals who need a little extra help to find the right match. This week, we want to introduce you to Melania and Pelusa, two kitty “sisters” who have been struggling to find a loving home in the Los Angeles area. 

The pair were brought to the ASPCA in April by their guardian who sadly had to relinquish them due to a change in their living situation. Since then, Melania and Pelusa have been waiting to meet the right adopter at a local Petco in Los Angeles.



The duo have quickly become staff favorites, with many employees wishing that they could bring the pair of sweet kitties home themselves. Two-year-old Melania and one-year-old Pelusa are inseparable. Though Pelusa is a bit bolder than her older sister when it comes to meeting new people, both are curious, friendly and will soon warm up.



Once Pelusa is comfortable, she makes herself right at home and will head butt you, roll over and ask for belly rubs and as much love as you’re willing to give her. Both of these sweet girls also love playtime and toys! They go crazy for any new toys or treats and love to play with each other, as well as with their human friends.

Melania and Pelusa

We can’t seem to figure out why these two haven’t found the right match yet, but we’re certain that whoever adopts them will fall madly in love. If you’re in the Los Angeles area and are interested in meeting Melania and Pelusa, please contact Ariel Collins at (347) 213-8323 or [email protected].

Even if you are unable to adopt, you can help Melania and Pelusa on their journey by simply sharing this post on your social channels! Let’s help give Melania and Pelusa the future they deserve.