Meet Our Adorable 2022 Pawscar Winners!

March 24, 2022


It’s awards season, and we simply had to take part in awarding our adorable—and adoptable—furry friends with the cutest awards out there! Check out our 2022 Pawscar winners—and if you’d like to adopt one in your area, click on their profile to complete an application! 

Category: New York City and Tri-State Area Dogs  


Volleyball—Best Paw-formance of the Year 

This sweet, beautiful girl came to us from an unfortunate situation where she never had the chance to learn how to be a “real dog,” but has made lots of progress with us! Now she’s looking for a home with a family to love her unconditionally and continue helping her get better and better! 


Boulder—Goodest Boy in a Sup-paw-ting Role 

Boulder is a handsome, sweet and social man loves being around people—friends and strangers alike—and would make a wonderful companion for a night-at-home movie marathon! 


Koby—Best Picture 

A funny, friendly, energetic guy, Koby lights up every room he enters. He’s never met a stranger he doesn’t love, reveling in pets and scratches from longtime friends and new folks alike. 

Category: New York City and Tri-State Area Cats 


Vic—Best Voice-Over Purr-formance

This playful kitty loves being around people and enjoys the occasional chin scratch. Her favorite hobbies are playing and people watching! 


Blueberry—Best Movie Date 

Blueberry is the sweetest gentleman, has wonderful manners and loves being around you whether you’re working from home, relaxing on the couch or hanging in bed. He’s a cuddly kitty who loves to purr and play!


Sky— Best Actress in a Sup-purr-ting Role

Sky is a mature lady who can be a little nervous in new places and with new people, but with time to settle in, she’s truly sweet. When she isn’t just curled up in her favorite comfy nooks or getting slow, gentle pets, Sky enjoys playing with wand toys! 


Joshua—Mew-sic (Original Score)

This regal older gentleman is a sweet boy who can be a little shy but eventually warms up. He enjoys playing with the humans he trusts, and while independent, enjoys being by his people’s sides. 

Category: Los Angeles Cats  


Squirrel—Cuddliest Actress 

Squirrel loves playing with pom-pom balls, climbing her extra tall three-foot scratching post and playing chase with her cat buddy. She can also be a lap cat and enjoys cuddling with her foster family while watching TV. 

Ketchup and Luna

Ketchup and Luna—Co-stars in a Meow-tion Picture

Ketchup and Luna can be shy and first but feel most relaxed around one another, so they must go home together. They would do best in a home without other pets so they can soak up all your love and affection! 

Category: North Carolina Dogs  

Kong— Most Handsome Boy Award

Kong is a sweet and gentle boy who really loves playing with other dogs. He loves being outside, is exceptional with leash walking—he even walks by your side—and loves a good butt scratch! 


Teacup—Best Paw-formance as a Leading Lady

This beautiful, shy and sweet girl with a big smile and playful spirit is ready for a home! Her curiosity will charm you as you watch her investigate the great big world out there.  

Cheddar— Best “Extra Cheesy” Director 

Cheddar may have reduced vision in both eyes, but don’t worry, he loves to use his nose to figure out the world around him! He loves playing with other dogs, going for walks and chasing squeaky toys. 

Category: Nationwide Equines 


Stevarino—Actor in an Ani-mane-ted Film

Stevarino, lovingly known as Steve, is very sweet and friendly and has the potential to make a lovely riding horse!



Bryce was surrendered to the ranch pregnant, and within a few weeks had her foal on the ranch. She really enjoys attention and once haltered, leads well and can be worked on or off a lead line in a round pen. 


Fern—Best Mini Series    

Fern thinks she is the queen bee wherever she goes! She is easy to handle and stands nicely for vet and farrier. In a new home she would do best as a companion to full-sized mares who are not low in the pecking order. 


Thicket— Best Donkumentary 

Thicket is a standard donkey who was found running loose near a busy highway. He could use a soft place to land with a caring and patient adopter. Like all other donkeys, Thicket is intelligent and a deep thinker, so we just know someone would love to have this guy in their life!

Don’t see your favorite actor or actress on the list? They could be at your local shelter