McQueen Is a Regal and Social Kitty, Destined for Fame!

May 25, 2023


McQueen is flashing her lights to grab your attention, but don’t look too closely or you might be blinded by her McFabulousness! 

McQueen is a wise lady from the tri-state area who has been around long enough to know how to enjoy the best things in life: pets, treats and more pets! She may be 14 years young, but she still enjoys a fierce game of wand toy chasing, or playing with balls, strings and stuffed catnip toys. She meows softly for attention and leans in hard for cheek rubs.

In addition to physical affection, she adores spending quality time with her people, even at mealtime. McQueen has been known to be a “social eater,” which is a cat who prefers to eat when people are nearby. So we hope her adopter will love having lots of candle lit meals by her side!


This sweet, gentle and affectionate lady cannot wait to follow you around and relax next to you. Every McQueen needs a McKingdom, and we can’t wait for her to enjoy her happily ever after!

A Matchmaker can offer you tips to set McQueen up for success! In a previous home, she was reported to not get along with other animals. Our staff can let you know more about her history, as well as her medical needs. 

If you are located in the tri-state area, McQueen is a cat who might be right up your alley! Check out her profile to submit an application!