Mayim Bialik Lends Her Voice to ASPCA Meow For Now Campaign!

July 25, 2018

Mayim Bialik with kittens

Since June, the ASPCA has been encouraging animal lovers nationwide to foster kittens during the summer months with our Meow For Now campaign. The summer is high breeding season for felines, and often, shelter resources are stretched thin as they are flooded with tiny kittens, who need extra care to survive. Fostering kittens not only helps save lives, it also provides more room in shelters during this critical time. 

We’re thrilled that actress, author, neuroscientist and devoted cat mom Mayim Bialik is now adding her voice to help spread this life saving message! The Big Bang Theory actress recently spent some time with us, and some of our adorable foster kittens to give some additional insight into this critical program. 

“Fostering kittens is not only fun, but it’s also a vital step in giving cats too young to survive in animal shelters a second chance to find loving homes. I’ve experienced the positive impact of fostering with my own two cats. A dedicated foster saved their lives by caring for them until they were healthy and old enough to be adopted and join my family,” said Mayim. “I encourage everyone to consider fostering kittens for their local shelter to help us save more lives!”

We hope that with Mayim’s support, she can help us encourage more people to consider helping vulnerable kittens today. See photos from Mayim’s kitten playtime below, and meet kittens near you who need a foster caregiver!

Mayim Bialik playing with a kitten

Mayim Bialik with kittens