Maryland Takes Historic Stand Against Puppy Mills

April 24, 2018

two rescued puppies

We are pleased to report Maryland just took a huge leap forward for animal welfare! On April 24, Governor Hogan signed a new law that will protect pets and consumers by banning the sale of dogs and cats in Maryland’s pet stores. Under the new law (effective 2020), pet stores who partner with rescues to adopt out homeless animals can continue doing that important work. 

The new law strikes a major blow to the cruel breeding industry and makes Maryland the second state in the country to prevent pet shops from profiting off inhumane practices and unwitting consumers. Maryland joins more than 250 localities across the country that have enacted similar laws. 

The brutality of puppy and kitten mills and their connection to pet stores is well documented. The animals kept by these businesses generally live in overcrowded and unsanitary conditions—sometimes in wire-floored cages stacked in tall columns—without adequate veterinary care, food, water or socialization. Often these animals suffer from severe health issues, including contagious and deadly diseases and congenital defects. Consumers are then left bearing the financial loss and heartbreak that can occur when sick pets are purchased.

The ASPCA thanks the bill’s sponsor, Delegate Ben Kramer, for his leadership and Governor Hogan for signing this critical measure that will protect dogs, cats and consumers.

If you live in Maryland, please visit the ASPCA Advocacy Center to join us in thanking Governor Hogan. Don’t live in Maryland? Please join the ASPCA Advocacy Brigade to be alerted when animals in your state need your help!