Make Horse Adoption Your First Option: A Q&A With Beth Behrs

July 5, 2016

Beth Behrs Q/A

The 2016 ASPCA Help a Horse Day was the most successful celebration yet, with 187 equine rescues and sanctuaries hosting community events around the country. More than 33,000 community members came out to join in the fun at celebrations that included movie screenings, book signings, spring festivals and even a mini horse wedding!

Adding to the excitement surrounding this year’s contest was 2 Broke Girls actress and horse advocate Beth Behrs, who teamed up with the ASPCA to help spread the word about everyday heroes who work tirelessly to care for and rehabilitate horses like her own adopted horse, Belle. In fact, Beth is helping us spread the word about horse adoption through the launch of Adopt a Horse

ASPCA Why did you decide to rescue Belle?

Beth Behrs: I had heard through my dear friends at the ASPCA that there were so many wonderful horses who needed homes. I wanted to be able to do my part to give a deserving horse a loving, forever home.

ASPCA: What are some of the things you find most special about being a horse parent and horse adopter?

Beth Behrs: The bond between us is magical—she is the love of my life. From the moment I walked into the pasture to meet her, she came running to me and snuggled into my chest. She still does that every time I approach her to ride or play. I have noticed that I am happier, more calm and relaxed, and better focused at work. Honestly, rescuing her has made me a better actress. There is a certain truth, depth, honesty and vulnerability that is expressed when you are around horses often, and I've learned through Belle to apply that to my work.

ASPCA: Why would you recommend horse adoption to others?

Beth Behrs: There are so many wonderful horses with amazing temperaments, smarts, personality and charm who need loving homes. And there are so many wonderful rescue organizations that do incredible work to train the horses to prepare them for these loving homes. It is the best decision I ever made and I cannot imagine my life without Belle in it.

If you’re ready to join Beth Behrs and the ASPCA in making a difference for America’s horses, visit to sign our pledge and share it with everyone you know.