Maine Poised to Make History in Fight against Puppy Mills

June 11, 2015

Maine Poised to Make History in Fight against Puppy Mills

While over 80 local governments around the country have passed ordinances prohibiting the sale of commercially bred dogs and cats in pet stores, no U.S. state has yet enacted such a law—but that could soon change.

On June 9, the Maine Legislature passed a bill, L.D. 335, to prohibit new pet stores in the state from selling puppies and kittens sourced from commercial breeders, allowing them to offer adoptions only of dogs and cats from shelters and rescue groups. The bill would also prohibit existing pet stores from selling pets sourced from breeders (in any part of the country) who fail to meet the basic standards of care required by federal law.

Maine’s legislature is the first in the nation to take this groundbreaking step against puppy mill cruelty! The bill now goes to Governor Paul LePage for final action. Unfortunately, our friends in Maine believe there is a distinct possibility that the Governor will veto the bill. We can’t let that happen!

L.D. 335 needs Governor LePage’s signature to become law—it would be the first state law of its kind and set an amazing precedent for other states. If you live in Maine, we urge you to call the Governor’s office at (207) 287-3531 and leave a message that as a Maine voter and taxpayer, you want him to sign L.D. 335 to strike a blow against puppy mill cruelty. Maine residents are also welcome to email the Governor from the ASPCA Advocacy Center.