Lucy in Love: Former Fighting Dog Thriving in New Home

May 12, 2015

Lucy in Love: Former Fighting Dog Thriving in New Home

When we rescue dogs from lives of fighting, we eagerly await the day that we’ll be able to share stories of their new lives as beloved pets. One such dog is Lucy, a sweet pup who was one of 367 dogs we rescued from a multi-state dog fighting ring in 2013. On the dog fighting property in Alabama, Lucy had been left to suffer in extreme heat with no visible fresh water or food. After her rescue, she received veterinary care and behavioral enrichment from the ASPCA and was later transferred Bully Project, a local rescue group in New York City. She was ready to find her perfect forever family, and a few months later, Peter and Anthony stepped in to fill that role.

“Anthony and I had been looking to adopt a dog for three years, but constantly found ourselves in a state of transition that made owning a dog difficult,” says Peter. After settling in Harlem, New York, the couple began to browse adoptable pets at New York City shelters and rescue groups. Their landlord introduced them to Bully Project in April.

“When we were shown a picture of Lucy, it was love at first sight,” says Peter. “We met her the next day and decided there and then to adopt her. Five days later we adopted her into her forever home.”

Lucy’s new life—with a bed to call her own, plenty of toys and lots of love—couldn’t be more different than the life of suffering she experienced before we rescued her.

“Having Lucy is amazing,” says Peter. “This is a first-time experience for both of us, and while there are many things to learn about having a dog—and about Lucy specifically—and there are adjustments we need to make to our lifestyle, we wouldn’t have it any other way. While Lucy can be timid and shy at first, she is incredibly sweet and loving. Watching her personality come out as she becomes more comfortable around us is heartwarming and entertaining all at the same time.”

We’re thrilled that Lucy has found such a loving place to call home.

“We are as excited to come home to Lucy as she is for us to come home to her,” Peter says.

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