Lifeguard on Duty: End the Summer with Our Puppy Pool Party

September 5, 2019

two puppies in a kiddie pool

Our friends at Mike’s Hard Lemonade® recently gave ASPCA supporters a chance to double their impact for animals by generously offering to match donations for a limited time (up to $25,000). Thanks to your incredible response, we quickly met that match and raised even more critical funds for animals in need across the nation. And in addition to their contribution, Mike’s Hard Lemonade gave us all a reason to smile when they helped us give some adorable ASPCA rescue pups an extra-special pool party! 

See the photos below!

puppy being held by a life guard

two puppies with a life guard

a puppy licking a woman's chin

a puppy splashing water out of the pool

a puppy wearing floaties being held in a woman's lap

a puppy in the pool

a puppy being dried with a towel

two people playing with a puppy in the pool

a puppy selling lemonade

the lifeguard playing with a puppy

A huge thanks to Mike’s Hard Lemonade for helping us give these puppies such a fun summer day and for continuing their commitment to vulnerable, at-risk animals nationwide.