Kinton Is Looking for Love! Can You Help Him Find It?

August 11, 2022


Meet gentle giant, Kinton! Though shy in a new environment, Kinton is the most calm, affectionate cat you’ll ever meet. Once he gets to know you, he’ll stick to you like glue, sitting on your desk watching you work and following you around the house—he especially likes to investigate what’s in the fridge. 

When he’s not exploring or spectating, Kinton loves a good cat nap and hiding in his donut bed or high up in his cat tree. If your lap is available, he’ll be sure to jump right up and be there for hours. When you’re on your bed or couch, he’ll even curl up on your chest and purr the night away.


Kinton thrives off human attention. He’s not treat-driven and doesn’t play with toys except occasionally batting then around—all he wants is to be with his people!

This handsome boy is looking to be adopted into a quiet home with a family who will give him all the love and affection he knows he deserves. When it comes to other cats, he can be submissive and sometimes wary of them, but may do well with a calm, friendly cat as long as they are introduced slowly. He also tolerated cat-friendly dogs! Though, Kinton certainly wouldn’t mind being the only pet in the home and soaking up all the attention he can get. 

If you’re ready to make Kinton a part of your family—and you live in the Los Angeles area—check out his profile to complete an application!