Kelsey and Ringo Starr Know It’s No Secret

May 4, 2021

Kelsey and Starr

Having assisted one of the Dumb Friend League’s regular vets at their Harmony Equine Center in Colorado, Kelsey had witnessed first-hand some of the amazing horses they had available for adoption. She knew that she wanted to adopt a second horse to keep her mare company, but just needed to find the right one.

The search stopped quite suddenly when she came across a Tennessee Walking Horse gelding named Ringo Starr. She instantly knew that he was the one, and from that moment on she knew she wanted to bring him home.

Come Together

The Harmony Equine Center encourages potential adopters to ride their available horses first, helping to ensure they’re making good matches between the horses and their new families. Kelsey’s first ride didn’t go quite the way she had planned when Ringo started to get playful, but his antics ultimately helped her determine that he was absolutely the right horse for her.

“I was excited for a challenge. I wanted to build a bond with this horse, and I think he felt that way too,” remembers Kelsey of her first encounter with Ringo. “I couldn't look at any other horse there; it had to be him.”

Shortly after their first ride, Kelsey returned to the Harmony Equine Center to pick up Ringo and welcome him to her Colorado home officially.

Here Comes the Sun

Kelsey feels that one of the best parts of having her horses live at home with her is that she now gets to spend time with Ringo each day. Initially shy, Ringo’s personality  has now given way to his goofy and playful side. Ringo loves playing with Kelsey’s miniature donkey, Bubbe, and sunbathes during the day with her retired mare named Elle.

Kelsey has continued working with Ringo to develop his confidence and skills under saddle. Despite his shyness, she’s been delighted at his bravery and confidence on trail rides. Like people, some horses are more confident than others in new situations, and it seemed like Ringo had found his calling on the Colorado trails.

“Currently we just do casual trail rides here and there. When we hit the trails, he is so brave and loves to move out and go,” enthuses Kelsey about her trail partner.

Many horses and riders enjoy trail riding to experience nature and further the bond between horse and rider over varied terrain and in new environments. After discovering his love for the trails, Kelsey now has a new goal with Ringo.

“My goal for us one day is to compete in a trail obstacle competition or possibly an endurance ride.”

All You Need Is Love

After adopting Ringo, Kelsey is a strong believer in the benefits of equine adoption and would advise any horse enthusiast to considerate it. For her, adoption means finding a new partner and friend.

“It’s a great feeling finding that horse you will build a relationship with. There are so many great horses out there looking to be adopted,” explains Kelsey.

She’s also enormously thankful to one of the ASPCA Right Horse Adoption Partners for their work preparing Ringo for adoption and making the match.

“Kudos to the trainers at Dumb Friends League Harmony Equine Center. They take such great care of all the horses at their facility and do such an amazing job working with them too. Trust the trainers if you're adopting from a facility with them. They can help find what you're looking for!”

Kelsey kissing Starr

If you’re feeling inspired to find a #RightHorse of your own, visit our equine adoption portal to browse hundreds of adoptable horses nationwide.