Justice Served: Case Closed for Over 40 Dogfighting Victims

November 21, 2019

rescued puppy

In August 2018, at the request of the Kansas Bureau of Investigation (KBI), the ASPCA assisted in the rescue of more than 40 dogfighting victims being kept on a property in Bendena, Kansas. 

A search warrant was executed by KBI at the property. There, we discovered both adult dogs and puppies just a few months old living in deplorable conditions. Some were tethered with heavy, metal chains and lacked adequate shelter. Some dogs exhibited injuries and scars commonly associated with dogfighting. 

a dog in a dirty cage

Following the rescue operation, Colton R. Albright was arrested and charged with dogfighting, possession of dogfighting paraphernalia and animal cruelty, as well as other non-animal related charges. Albright recently pleaded guilty to felony dogfighting and misdemeanor marijuana possession and received a sentence of 65 months in prison.

We are grateful to the KBI for their diligent role in pursuing this case and ensuring those involved were held accountable for the suffering inflicted on these animals. We’re also pleased that justice has been served and that the rescued dogs received the care they deserved. Most importantly, this outcome sends a strong message that animal cruelty, including dogfighting, will not be tolerated.

a responder carrying a rescued dog

New Beginnings for Former Victims

Following their rescue, we provided care for the dogs—including an additional nine puppies born in our care—until disposition was determined, at which point most of them were placed with our network of our incredible response partners across the country—including Cedar Bend Humane (IA), Citizens For Humane Action (OH) and Dubuque Regional Humane Society (IA)—and made available for adoption. 

two rescued puppies

Rescued puppies (seen above) were placed with Citizens For Humane Action and found loving homes.

“Citizens For Humane Action is always happy to partner with the ASPCA to help dogs who have had a rough start and give them a second chance at a happy life,” said Kelsey Smucker, Executive Director of Citizens For Humane Action.

a rescued dog with a toy

Leona (seen above) was rescued and later placed with Dubuque Regional Humane Society.

“Leona had a warm heart from the very beginning. She was fearful at first, but soon opened up to the staff after she realized there was nothing to be afraid of and that we were here to help her,” says Amanda Shaffer, Shelter Manager at Dubuque Regional Humane Society. “Our partnership with the ASPCA has been a wonderful journey and we are excited we get the opportunity to help out more animals like Leona. I am thrilled so many organizations are collaborating to achieve our goals of saving lives and building families.”

Leona in her new home

We are so happy that so many of these dogs, like Leona, are already thriving in new, loving homes and living the lives they were truly meant to have. 

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