This Just In: Big News for Farm Animals in California!

June 23, 2018

USDA rule protects vulnerable calves

Yesterday we hit a major milestone in farm animal protection: The Prevent Cruelty California Coalition, which includes the ASPCA along with The Humane Society of the United States, San Francisco SPCA, Center for Food Safety, San Diego Humane Society and many others, announced that Secretary of State Alex Padilla has certified its anti-cruelty act for the statewide ballot this November. This achievement indicates broad support for improving farm animal welfare in California, just as we have seen in Massachusetts and other states.

The Prevent Cruelty California ballot measure would require cage-free housing for three types of animals: mother pigs, egg-laying hens and veal calves. It would also protect more humane farmers by requiring any pork, eggs or veal sold in the state to be sourced from farms meeting this modest standard. This makes for a responsible and necessary upgrade to California’s Proposition 2, which passed in 2008 with widespread support. Under this new measure, the Golden State would meet European Union standards for food production and regain its position as a leader in animal welfare legislation.

“Farm animals are intelligent and sensitive, and they deserve lives free from cruelty, with the ability to at least move freely,” says Daisy Freund, Director of Farm Animal Welfare for the ASPCA. “Californians, like citizens across the country, care deeply about protecting these vulnerable animals from suffering and want to back up their values with strong laws.

Securing a spot on the ballot is a testament to the collective work and determination of hundreds of local volunteers and supporters. If you live in California, please consider volunteering with the campaign to ensure that this historic protective measure is enacted! You can learn more here.

We also urge supporters nationwide to visit the ASPCA’s Shop with Your Heart campaign to learn about humane choices and your consumer power. From the ballot box to the supermarket, we all must raise our voices for farm animals and continue to build on this momentum.