Jimmy Buffett Promotes Pet Adoption with the ASPCA in New Music Video for the Late Singer's Tail-Wagging Tune

November 30, 2023

Photo Credit: Bill O’Brock

Recently, Jimmy Buffett’s team unleashed a playful new video for his tail-wagging tune, “Like My Dog,” in collaboration with the ASPCA to encourage pet adoption from animal shelters and rescue organizations across the country.

The smile-inducing video encourages his fans to get in on the fun and features never-before-seen footage from Jimmy, as well as videos with the hashtag #likemydog posted on social media by his fans of them dancing, dressing up and spending time with their furry friends at home, on the water and everywhere in between.

“The dedication and humanity Jimmy Buffett put into his music crossed over into his love for animals, especially pets and wildlife,” said Matt Bershadker, ASPCA CEO. “This collaboration honors Jimmy’s legacy and animal advocacy and reflects our shared commitment to help vulnerable dogs find safe and loving homes.”

Written by Scotty Emerick and Harley Allen, Jimmy recorded “Like My Dog” as an ode to his favorite furry friends. The track was included on his final album, Equal Strain On All Parts (Mailboat Records, distributed by Sun Records), which was released on November 3.

For his fans, Jimmy’s final album is the gift that keeps on giving. In a fitting tribute to the singer’s everlasting ethos, the “Like My Dog” video encapsulates his lifelong mantra of finding happiness in the simple things, spreading love, joy and his unwavering commitment to “keep the party going.”

The new video for “Like My Dog” was showcased on TODAY and can also be viewed on Jimmy Buffett’s YouTube channel. And if this video has really hit home with you and you’re looking to adopt, check out ASPCA animals available nationwide, or check out your local shelter including our friends at the Animal Care Centers of New York City if you live in the tri-state area.