Jessica Springsteen to Governor Christie: Protect New Jersey's Dogs!

January 20, 2015

Jessica Springsteen to Governor Christie: Protect New Jersey's Dogs!

On December 18, the New Jersey State Legislature unanimously passed S.1870, ASPCA-supported legislation to amend the state’s Pet Purchase Protection Law. The bill would institute new rules for pet stores that sell puppies, including a requirement that these stores inform customers about the sources of the puppies they sell. It would also prohibit pet shops in the Garden State from obtaining puppies from breeders or brokers who fail to comply with even minimal federal and state animal welfare standards.

If signed into law by Governor Chris Christie, the bill will give potential animal owners a chance to make informed decisions, while also putting much-needed pressure on some of the most unethical breeders in the industry to significantly improve their practices. Governor Christie has until early February to sign the bill, and he has yet to reveal his opinion or his intentions.

Jessica Springsteen standing next to a horse
Thankfully, our friend Jessica Springsteen—an ASPCA Equine Welfare Ambassador, rescue-dog lover and proud New Jerseyan—has stepped up to help by sending a letter to Governor Christie urging him to sign the bill. Governor Christie is a huge fan of Jessica’s dad, and we’re hoping a direct plea from The Boss’s daughter will catch his attention!

Read Jessica’s letter to the Governor below, and, if you live in New Jersey, please follow up by sending him your own message! Visit the ASPCA Advocacy Center to quickly and easily contact Governor Christie and urge him to protect consumers and improve animal welfare by signing S.1870.