It’s Time to Stop Greyhound Racing In Its Tracks

April 3, 2017

Greyhounds racing

Greyhound racing is a dying “sport,” but it’s not dying fast enough. That’s partly because this cruel industry that forces dogs to literally run for their lives is being unfairly propped up by taxpayer dollars.

In Florida—home to more than half of the country’s Greyhound tracks—live Greyhound racing is actually mandatory for certain businesses with gambling licenses, even though this “coupling” of Greyhound racing with other forms of gaming results in a staggering $35 million loss for tracks each year. The fiscally responsible and humane solution is clear: End live Greyhound racing.

We are working with lawmakers and other animal welfare organizations in Florida to “decouple” Greyhound racing from other forms of gambling in the state so that the industry can die on its own. Decoupling legislation recently passed the Florida Senate, but faces a tough battle in the House of Representatives. Meanwhile, legislation that will ban injecting racing Greyhounds with anabolic steroids is headed to the House Floor. Ending this practice would be a major blow to the Greyhound racing industry. If you live in Florida, please urge your state lawmakers to support legislation to protect Greyhounds.

West Virginia is spending $15 million each year to subsidize races taking place in front of mostly empty bleachers because the public has grown increasingly outraged by this activity. The West Virginia Legislature just approved a bill that, if signed by Governor Jim Justice, will end subsidies to the state’s Greyhound industry. This would likely result in West Virginia’s two dog tracks closing this summer. If you’re from West Virginia, please contact Governor Jim Justice and urge him to sign this life-saving bill.

It’s past time for Greyhound racing to end. Let’s get these bills over the finish line so Greyhounds will no longer endure lives of confinement, injury and death on Florida’s and West Virginia’s racetracks.