It’s National I Love Horses Day, and Horses Need You!

July 15, 2022

Do you love horses? That’s perfect, because it’s National I Love Horses Day and a great time to show America’s horses some love. Here are five easy ways you can channel your love for horses into making a lifesaving difference for our equine friends.

a woman hugging a white horse named Lorelei

Can you help #RightHorse Lorelei find a home? Share her profile on your social channels to help connect her to a wonderful home.

1. Be a hype-person for adoptable horses. Visit My Right Horse and share the profiles of adoptable horses on social media, and with your horse-savvy friends, to help connect the right horse to the right person.

a brown horse in a corral

2. Speak up and end horse slaughter! Each year thousands of horses are transported across our borders for slaughter. To protect horses and the people who love and care for them, we must close the legal loophole that allows this by passing the Save America’s Forgotten Equines (SAFE) Act—federal legislation that would prevent the horse slaughter industry from reestablishing operations in the U.S. and prohibit the export of American horses for slaughter. Show your love for horses by using our form to email your members of Congress urging them to take immediate action on the SAFE Act.

a close up on a brown horse with a white stripe on its nose

3. If advocating for animals gets you excited, level up by becoming a volunteer advocate for horses in your community. Learn more about the ASPCA Horse Action Team and sign up to get involved.

A woman in an orange long sleeve shirt hugging a dark brown horse's head

4. Many people don’t understand that horse adoption is an option when acquiring a horse. Word of mouth is the most powerful way to overcome that knowledge gap and help more horses find homes. If you know someone looking to bring a new horse home, direct them to My Right Horse. When talking about adoptable animals like dogs and cats, don’t forget to mention horses, too! 

a veterinarian listening to a horse with a stethoscope

5. If you work with an equine or large-animal veterinarian, tell them about the Vet Direct Safety Net program. Enrolled vets can provide subsidized vet care from the fund to owners and horses needing emergency help. By making sure your community’s veterinarians are enrolled, you’re helping to ensure safety net options exist for horses in your region.