It's Earth Day! Go Green with Your Pet

April 22, 2015

Today is Earth Day! We all love our furry friends, but many pet parents don’t realize just how much of an impact animal companions can have on our planet. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways you can go green with the four-legged friend in your life. Here are some simple and fun ways you and your pet can cut down on waste and do your part for Mother Earth this year:

Reuse, Recycle and Donate. Before you throw away the old towels, bedding, litter boxes and leashes you’ve accumulated over the year, call your local shelter. They often have a need for these household items, and your pet’s gently-used products can go a long way in making a shelter animal very happy!

Clean Green. Put away the bleach and protect your pets from toxic chemicals often found in household cleaning supplies by reaching for vinegar, baking soda or lemon to clean pet messes. These eco-friendly alternatives remove odors and kill mold and bacteria. Not sure what products in your house are hazardous? Check out our list of pet toxins that may be in your home.

Go Natural. Consider opting for biodegradable doggie bags over the plastic kind, choosing kitty litter made out of plant-based materials like wheat or wood chips, and looking for pet products made from recycled plastics and natural materials.

Soak up the Sun. Spring means more time spent outdoors, so make the most of it! Save energy by letting your pet air dry in the sun after a bath, or walk to the dog park or community garden instead of driving there. Just be sure to keep your pet hydrated at all times, and steer clear of these popular but poisonous spring plants.

Use Less. Clean up messes with rags instead of paper towels or buy pet supplies in bulk—you’ll make fewer trips to the store and cut down on discarded packaging.

These little steps can make a big difference! We hope that you and your pet have a very great (and very green!) Earth Day.