August 17, 2016

Celebrate Black Cat Appreciation Day on August 17!

Give the raven-coated feline in your life a squeeze because it’s Black Cat Appreciation Day! Every year on this day, animal-lovers celebrate these special kitties and spread awareness about what great pets black cats can make.

Here at the ASPCA, it’s no surprise we love black cats, but because of outdated—and incorrect—myths and superstitions, they have long been unfairly linked to bad luck. But the truth is, while black cats get a bad rap, they’re just as sweet and loveable as the next feline! In fact, in many cultures black cats are considered a prized pet. In places like Japan and the British Isles, they’ve even been thought to bring their pet parents good luck.

At the ASPCA Adoption Center we are celebrating this Black Cat Appreciation Day with a very special promotion!

From Wednesday, August 17, through Sunday, August 21, at the ASPCA Adoption Center, you can adopt a solid black kitten at a reduced fee of $50. Or, if you are interested in adopting an adult black cat, all adoption fees will be waived and you will receive a FREE hard carrier!

We hope you will join us today in celebrating Black Cat Appreciation Day by heading to your local shelter and giving a black cat a loving home. If you are unable to adopt, please share this article with your friends and family to encourage black cat adoption and spread the word about these awesome felines.

If you’re in the New York City area, meet some of the black cats available at the ASPCA Adoption Center right now:

Bam BamBam Bam
Bam Bam is a handsome, one-year-old black cat who reminds us of a mini black panther! This smart cat is a great listener who will keep your secrets safe.
At our Adoption Center, Bethany enjoys the company of her feline friends. She is a friendly girl who can be a bit shy at times, and would like to join a quiet home.

Kelly is a sensitive kitty who loves gentle attention. Once she relaxes, she will nuzzle your hand eager to be pet and stroked.

Napoleon and SevillanoNapoleon and Sevillano
Napoleon and Sevillano are best friends, who must go to a home together!