Celebrate Black Cat Appreciation Day on August 17!

August 15, 2017

Celebrate Black Cat Appreciation Day on August 17!

While we love all of our feline friends at the ASPCA, we are celebrating Black Cat Appreciation Day 2017 with a very special promotion!

On Thursday, August 17, at the ASPCA Adoption Center, you can adopt a black kitten at a reduced fee of $50. Or, if you adopt an adult black cat, you will receive a FREE hard carrier to bring your new cat friend home in!

Even if you’re not in the New York City area, we hope you will join us in celebrating Black Cat Appreciation Day by heading to your local shelter and giving a black cat or kitten a loving home. If you are unable to adopt, please encourage cat adoption among your friends and family, and help us spread the word about these awesome felines!

Here are some of the lovable black cats available at the ASPCA Adoption Center right now:

This sweet cat loves to hang out with her favorite people. You can often find her purring contently while she’s lounging next to a friend and being pet. 

This social kitty keeps an attentive eye over our bustling IT team at the ASPCA office. Sebastian is a great listener and will happily be your confidante. 

Moon is happiest when she’s snoozing on her best friend’s lap, playing with wand toys or enjoying a tasty treat. In her new home, she’ll gladly take the lead in giving affection.

Truffle is deaf but that doesn’t slow her down one bit! This mellow girl appreciates slow introductions to new friends and places, and is very affectionate once she gets to know you.

Valerie’s favorite toy is her crinkly ball, which she carries around wherever she goes. This sensitive kitty can join a home with another cat friend.