It Was Agatha All Along!

October 6, 2021

Looking to adopt a special, sweet and deserving kitty in the tri-state area? Meet Agatha! Agatha was found as a stray with eyes so damaged, you couldn’t even imagine! In order to prevent further complications and alleviate Agatha’s discomfort, our veterinarians made the choice to perform an enucleation and remove both of her eyes. 

Now blind, Agatha is adjusting to life without vision, but she doesn’t let it bother her one bit! Instead, she follows the sound of people’s voices and will walk right on up to you to say hello, pulling every one of your heartstrings. 

Agatha loves getting pets and isn’t afraid to let you hear her purr while getting those oh-so-good scratches. She also loves being picked up, snuggled in the air and may even make some biscuits on your arm while. 

Agatha is a special gal looking for a human in the tri-state area. She is looking for an adopter who understands that she is so much more than her disability and that she deserves as much love as any other kitty! If you’re realizing it was Agatha all along, fly on over to her profile to complete an application today!