An Inside Look at Recent ASPCA Rescue of Nearly 600 Animals

June 7, 2019

a brown and white pitbull in mud

The ASPCA recently assisted the Indiana Gaming Commission (IGC) with the rescue and removal of nearly 600 animals from two properties in Morgan and Owen counties that are connected to alleged animal fighters. 

While we continue to coordinate the ongoing care of the animals found, we wanted to share with you some of the images taken from the scene, as your support makes efforts like this possible. The below photos show why we can never let up in our fight against cruelty and our work to provide second chances to those who need us most. 

Roosters with blue plastic containers

There were 250 birds on one of the properties—birds who were kept on short tethers.

a rooster missing feathers

Some of the birds were missing feathers from around their necks.

a rooster missing its comb

Others seemed to be missing their combs.

Rooster in a small cage

This bird was found in a small cage, he could not fully spread his wings and shared the cage with a hen.

roosters in wire cages

Some of the birds were kept in wire cages outdoors that provided little to no shelter from the elements.

a dog chained resting in a small dog house

After several rainy days in the region, we found dogs taking refuge at the end of their chains. Their only source of drinking water was filthy and full of debris.

a dog chained in mud

In spite of their situation, the dogs were excited to greet ASPCA responders. Every dog approached responders and law enforcement eagerly wagging their tails.   

a dog chained in mud

This sweet dog would not stop trying to nuzzle our responders, running and jumping through the mud and water as far as his chain would allow. 

a chained dog get pet by a responder

This pup strained against his chain, seeking attention from an ASPCA responder.

responders removing a chain from a dog

Two responders remove a dog’s collar and place him in a gentle lead.

responders removing a chain from a dog

While on the property, our responders navigated deep mud and puddles to release the dogs from their chains, and get them to a clean, dry environment with fresh water.

a responder carrying a rescued dog

Many of the dogs seemed unaccustomed to walking on a leash and needed to be carried from where they were housed to our transportation vehicle.

a chained dog howling

While some of the dogs had small houses, others had only plastic barrels for shelter. 

a chain in mud

All the dogs and birds we removed have since been transported to temporary shelters where they are receiving forensic, medical and behavioral evaluations, as well as loving care away from the chains and muddy pits where they were found.   

As we continue to support the investigation, we want to thank the people like you who help make these rescues possible, and who help provide justice for those who need it most. Please consider making a gift to help us as we continue to fight for our nation’s most vulnerable animals.  

Charges filed in this case are merely an accusation and the defendant is presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty in court.