An Impactful Year for Animals: What Our Members Helped Us Accomplish in 2021!

January 27, 2022


Day after day, 365 days a year, the ASPCA works to rescue, protect and find loving homes for vulnerable animals nationwide. Though 2021 provided its fair share of unique challenges, we are proud to see what an impactful and inspiring year it was. With the remarkable amount of support from our members, we were able to provide thousands of animals with the second chances they deserve. Without your help, we could not have accomplished all that we did in 2021.

As we continue with our lifesaving work in 2022, we want to take a moment to not only reflect on the extraordinary achievements and milestones from last year, but to celebrate them! Below are just a few of the successes that you helped make possible. 

We could not be more thankful for all those who help make our work possible. With your continued support, we can ensure that 2022 will be another phenomenal year for animals!