Hurricane Approaching: Take These Steps to Protect Your Pets

October 2, 2015

Hurricane Approaching: Take These Steps to Protect Your Pets

As residents of the East Coast prepare for flooding, rainfall and heavy winds brought on by Hurricane Joaquin, it’s more important than ever to be prepared for the unexpected. We are urging pet-parents in the path of this storm—and throughout the country—to follow these potentially lifesaving steps to protect their furry friends in the case of disaster.

What You Need

  • Food & Water: Plan for at least three days of food and bottled water for each pet, and keep it in airtight containers. Don’t forget bowls and a manual can opener.
  • Medications: Keep several days of medication for your pet in a childproof container, and make sure it is clearly labeled.
  • Shelter: Emergency shelters may not allow pets, so have a list of local boarding facilities, hotels/motels or nearby friends that will allow you to stay with your pet. Have a lightweight crate or carrier for transportation and security.
  • Leash: Have a good leash and collar or harness with current identification information securely attached. Make sure that your pet is not able to slip out of it.
  • Crucial Information: Keep your veterinarian’s contact info, along with that of veterinary emergency clinics, boarding facilities and animal control, handy. Also keep a copy of your pet’s medical record, microchip information and a current photograph. It is advisable to keep paper copies in a waterproof bag.
  • Comforts: Pets are frequently frightened during disasters, so a familiar toy or bedding can be comforting.
  • Sanitation: Have litter or newspapers as well as a litter box for cats. Have a stash of plastic bags for clean up.
  • Pet First Aid: You can assemble your own pet first aid kit using these items suggested by the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center (APCC).
  • The ASPCA Disaster Preparedness Mobile App:  The ASPCA created a free Disaster Preparedness Mobile App that can provide critical information before, during and after a disaster—even without Internet connectivity. The app also gives personalized instructions on searching for a lost animal and allows you to store your pets’ medical records and other important information.  Visit now to download the app on iTunes or Google Play.

Please help us keep other pet-parents in the know by sharing our below Disaster Preparedness infographic with friends, family and your social networks. Have a safe weekend.