Helping Staten Island Pet Owners & Pets with the ASPCA Community Engagement team

June 17, 2024

In early June, the ASPCA partnered with the New York City Police Department (NYPD), Animal Care Centers of NYC and others to host an annual free vaccine event at Staten Island’s Corporal Thompson Park, to providing access to vaccines, supplies and grooming services for Staten Island residents and their pets.

Staff from across the ASPCA, including Emily S. with the Development team, volunteered their time to work alongside the Community Engagement team to help assist pet owners at the event.

See her account below!

We started the day early to help set up the check-in tents, pet supplies and vaccine areas in the ASPCA mobile vehicles to ensure the flow would go seamlessly for pet owners looking to get their pets vaccinated. People who saw the ASPCA vehicles stopped by out of curiosity to ask what we were doing there, and others who had appointments arrived at the check-in tent for their pet’s vaccinations. It was a beautiful day and there was a buzz of excitement as we sprang into action to get everything in order.


I was assigned as one of the vaccine station assistants to help direct pet owners to one of our mobile units and review vaccine reaction information with pet owners while their pets received their vaccines. I also had the opportunity to help our veterinarian and licensed veterinary technician prepare rabies vaccines and set up the mobile unit area to receive patients throughout the day. 


One of our clients was a bonded pair, Garfield and Fusion, who came together in a mesh backpack. The pet owner warned us that the cats can get fussy and aggressive, but after some gentle coaxing, tasty cheese treats, and expert handling by Dr. Lopez and our vet technician Susannah, the cats received their vaccines without any fuss. Another client came in with her puppy, Nugget, who needed their second booster vaccines so she could take her dog outside for walks.

Whenever we saw dogs or cats who weren’t spayed or neutered, our veterinarian took some time to explain the benefits of spay/neuter surgery and provided additional information on how to sign up to receive these services through the ASPCA and other local NYC resources. If there were other issues that needed to be treated or addressed, our veterinary experts directed them to the Community Engagement team to follow up and provide additional assistance.

Pet parents received free vaccines provided by Petco Love, rabies pet tags, pet supplies including harnesses and leashes, pet food and grooming services including nail trims. There were also tables where pet owners could learn about pet services available in the city and complete on-site pet licensing with assistance from the NYC Department of Health.


This community event is just one of many that not only helps provide critical services to New York City’s residents, but also meaningfully connects us to the people and pets we serve. By offering this kind of support to pet owners when they need it most, we can keep pets healthy and in loving homes.

At the end of a long day, nearly 240 pets received vaccines and other services, including nail trims, during the event. With your support, we can continue to be there for animals who need us most.

ASPCA Community Engagement team, ASPCA staff volunteers and NYPD pose for a group photo