Help Jazz Find a Loving Home!

January 7, 2019


We met gorgeous Jazz in April 2018, when she arrived at the ASPCA Behavioral Rehabilitation Center (BRC). During her time at the BRC, sensitive, eight-year-old Jazz learned that real-life situations aren’t so scary, and she was able to overcome many of her fears. Though she came to the BRC shy and fearful, she soon began to show her true personality and became known as a playful prankster. Now, Jazz is ready for a loving family and is looking for a home in the Sayreville, New Jersey, area. 

After her graduation from the BRC in October, Jazz was transported to Sammy’s Hope in New Jersey, where she continues to shine and emerge as a fun-loving dog. Jazz’s favorite activities include walks and playing with toys outside. She’s enjoyed time with calm dog friends, but really prefers the company of her favorite people. She likes gentle petting from her friends as well, as long as they go slow. Jazz is still frightened of loud noises, and she relies on comfort and affection (like scratches around her neck and ears) from her favorite people to help her relax.


Jazz is one smart pup, and she knows “Let’s go,” and “Come here!” already. She also loves learning new things and will work hard for some positive reinforcement, like a taste of her favorite treats—hot dogs and cheese. 

This sweet girl needs a loving, patient adopter who will be committed to continuing to help Jazz feel safe and comfortably learn about the world around her. 

If you’re in the New Jersey area and are interested in adopting Jazz, please visit the Sammy’s Hope website for more information.

Even if you can’t adopt, we hope that you’ll help Jazz today by simply sharing this post on your social media channels and letting your friends and family know just how resilient, loving and sweet she truly is. Together, we can help Jazz find the loving family she’s been waiting for.