Heartwarming Tails from The Nancy Silverman Rescue Ride

August 10, 2021

Nancy Silverman rescue ride van

Since 2015, the Nancy Silverman Rescue Ride (NSRR) has helped the ASPCA Animal Relocation program save lives and increase adoptions in shelters throughout the United States. 

Together, we’ve moved adoptable cats and dogs from areas of overpopulation to shelters and rescue groups in other parts of the country with a high demand for pets. The NSRR focuses on relocating animals from the Southeast to the Northeast where they have a much better chance at adoption. 

Nancy Silverman rescue ride van with a dog outside being pet by a woman in a blue shirt

In total, our Relocation program has transported more than 180,000 animals! The NSRR has been and will continue to be instrumental in this incredible work to fight animal homelessness. Here are a few heartwarming tails of adoption made possible through this program.

Mila and Ava

Sweet Mila, a 10-month-old German Shepherd mix, was found in Washington County by two college students. “They went door to door trying to find an owner but had no luck,” recalls Angela L., Director of Washington County Animal Shelter in Fayetteville, Arkansas. 

The two students contacted Angela and her team who then accepted the dog into the shelter. In the care of Washington County Animal Shelter, Mila quickly became a favorite among staff. “She was very sweet and loving to people and other dogs,” Angela explains.

Even younger than Mila was Ava—a five-month-old Husky/German Shepherd mix who was also found as a stray in a rural area of Washington County. She was discovered by a few individuals who called the Washington County Animal Shelter for help. The shelter staff visited neighboring homes to where Ava had been found, but no owner was located—so they accepted her into their care.

“Ava was very energetic and loved to give kisses,” Angela recalls. “She also loved to play outside in play groups. She definitely needed the companionship of another dog!”

Mila and Ava were both considered great candidates for the ASPCA Relocation program. “These two girls were very different but equally precious. They deserve the best,” Angela remarks. 

Nancy Silverman rescue ride van going over a bridge

The two young dogs hitched a ride on the Nancy Silverman Rescue Ride and journeyed from Arkansas to Great Plains SPCA in Merriam, Kansas. 

It did not take long for these beautiful pups to be noticed by potential adopters. Mila was adopted within two weeks, and Ava quickly found a home with a canine sibling.

Ava in a car and outside

Ava enjoying life in her new, loving home. 

Ava’s parents tell us, “Ava is doing great! She loves playing in water, chasing lightening bugs—well pretty much all insects. Thank you all for taking care of her until we found her.” 

Ava’s adopters have also started obedience training to help Ava learn basic skills as she grows older. 

We are thrilled that Mila and Ava are now in happy homes surrounded by families who love them.  


Captain, a young Chihuahua mix, was found as a scared, skinny stray by the Humane Educational Society in Chattanooga, Tennessee. After flourishing in a foster home, Captain was transported through the ASPCA Relocation program to Augusta Regional SPCA in Staunton, Virginia.

Captain and Thor

Captain getting to know his new friend Thor. 

Captain was immediately scooped up by Augusta’s Animal Care Manager, Crystal V., who oversees all transports. Crystal’s resident dog Thor, another Chihuahua mix, quickly befriended Captain. However, the two didn’t see eye to eye on sharing toys and treats, and so it was determined that Captain would find a different loving home where he could be the only pet.

Captain and Thor

With his adorable ears and cute smile, Captain didn’t have to wait long to find his new family. He was adopted by a wonderful woman who had retired and was looking for a companion animal. Captain fit the bill and now he is loved and spoiled by his new parent.

Captain being cuddled

Captain enjoying snuggles and cuddles. 

For many rescued dogs, cats and horses, sometimes that ideal home is just a ride away. We are thrilled to partner with Nancy Silverman to bring more adoptable pets into loving families nationwide year after year. 


Through our work with partner shelters, not only on the East Coast, but throughout the entire United States, we are relocating tens of thousands of animals every year to help tackle animal homelessness head on.